Artisan Cakes & Pakistani food

Born to Pakistani parents, brought up in Germany and living in South East London.  Best of East meets West – that is exactly what Simply Tay is about. A fusion of my Pakistani heritage in my cooking, and my German influenced upbringing in my baking. Harmony!

I had an idea of setting up my own food related business 7 years ago. Our children were very young back then, I had a bit of time on my hands and planned to have something of my own one day.

2015 is a good year in many aspects, so I feel…and here we are Simply Tay has now been formed.

I aim to provide a personalised service in the form of catering for any size of parties, meetings, the occasional cake as well as daily meals.

Time and nutrition are important. So, let’s say, you need a few well balanced freshly cooked meals (or sweet treats ;) ), as time is precious (as working individuals or parents for instance), or you have had a new addition to your family, or perhaps meals for the entire family or, even for lunches and dinner parties – Simply Tay can certainly help.

Made To Order

Please email me on or message on 07896126916 for any custom made to order bakes x

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